Saturday, January 11, 2014

archie browns, truro

Well things are speeding up in the UK - I've had two job interviews which have gone really well, and another on Monday.  Which is such a relief that my CV has gone down quite well, though its slightly stressful trying to manage some of the recruitment agents... I'm not sure I do it very well to be honest, and I'm not especially good at playing the game.  Sigh.  So hopefully by the beginning of next week I might have a job, though whether its the one I want or not I'm not sure - eekk!

There has been time for a little bit of excellent food though - I've got heaps to share!  We went to Truro for a day, which is a lovely wee town in Cornwall.  Archie Brown's is a vegetarian cafe with another outpost in Cornwall (in Penzance I think). The staff were friendly and engaging, vegan things were extremely well labelled and staff were able to share which of the condiments were vegan with a great deal of authority - and it was above a health food shop - yay!

I had the "Archie Brown" burger, which was mushrooms and hazelnuts on homemade focaccia with salads on the side; a vegan coleslaw, brown rice, and a yummy green, seedy thing:
The burger was moist and had a lot of depth - I also went for the homemade salsa which was fresh tomatoes, onion and herbs on top.  So good!  I'm going to try and replicate at home; I think there were mushrrooms, hazelnuts, onions and perhaps sage?  All good.

Paul had an excellent and thick cauliflower soup with grainy bread on the side (and vegan spread!):
And then we both had a slab of raw vegan chocolate pie, with a date, apricot and nut crust.  The thick rich mousse on top was made with avocado and coconut cream, and boy was it amazing:
I've never been convinced avocado would work in a sweet, but this was really really good, dense and rich.  Could have eaten another bit!  And would happily return to Archie Brown's to try some of the other excellent choices on the menu.

Also nice in Truro was the cathedral.  Just lovely:

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  1. Wow! I almost couldn't tear my eyes away from the pie, but then I saw the church and wowza! How amazing to have a combination of great food and epic sights :)